Campus Ministry

2023-2024 Spiritual Schedule:

All-School Masses are celebrated at least once a month on the dates listed below at 9:35 am in the Morris Gymnasium. The Mass/Assembly Schedule is utilized on these days unless otherwise noted.

  • Tuesday—August 15, 2023 Faculty/Staff of Alleman and Partner Schools, 11:00 am

  • Tuesday—August 29, 2023

  • Tuesday—September 12, 2023 (Homecoming Mass)

  • Wednesday—October 4, 2023 (Feast of St. Francis)

  • Wednesday—November 1, 2023 (All-Saints Day – Holy Day of Obligation)

  • Friday—December 8, 2023 (The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Holy Day of Obligation)

  • Tuesday—January 9, 2024

  • Friday—February 2, 2024 (Catholic Schools Week Mass with Partner Schools), 9:30 am

  • Wednesday—February 14, 2024 (Ash Wednesday)

  • Tuesday—March 19, 2024 (Solemnity of St. Joseph)

  • Tuesday—April 9, 2024

  • Wednesday—May 1, 2024 (May Crowning Mass)

  • Friday—May 17, 2024 (Senior Farewell Mass)

Weekly Masses will be celebrated weekly on Tuesday and Thursday in the Mirabelli Chapel at 7:30 am. Weekly Masses will not occur if there is an all-school Mass on that day.

Weekly Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) will be heard weekly on Fridays after school in the Chaplain’s Office (Room 103) adjacent to the Main Office.

Seasonal All-School Reconciliation Services during Advent and Lent we will have All-School Confessions in the Morris Gymnasium at 12:30 pm and 1:30pm.

  • Advent
    Thursday—December 14, 2023 Freshmen and Sophomores

    Friday—December 15, 2023 Juniors and Seniors

  • Lent
    Tuesday—February 20, 2024 Freshmen and Sophomores
    Wednesday—February 21, 2024 Juniors and Seniors

Class Retreats: Each class is required to have a day of retreat. The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Freshmen – Monday, October 23, 2023 @ Alleman Catholic High School

  • Sophomores – Wednesday, April 10, 2024 @ Christ the King, Moline

  • Juniors - Monday, April 8, 2024 @ Christ the King, Moline

  • Seniors – Monday, October 16, 2023 @ Sacred Heart, Moline

Additional retreats will be scheduled by Campus Ministry throughout the academic year.

Staff Spiritual Development will be offered to the Faculty/Staff on one early dismissal day a month. Schedule to follow.

Christian Service Program

The Christian Service Program (CSP) was established to help students reach their potential as young people called to serve others as part of Jesus’ mandate, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for the many.” (Mt 20:28). It is our hope and desire that all of our students learn to serve others and not themselves. Even Pope Francis has spoken of the responsibility of young people to serve others in imitation of Jesus. Our Christian Service Program at Alleman Catholic High School is about learning to serve others by going out of ourselves. Below are the requirements for our current students at Alleman Catholic High School:

Current Seniors (Class of 2024) – Are required to complete 70 hours of service to graduate and 120 hours for a Service Cord
Current Juniors (Class of 2025) – Are required to complete 80 hours of service to graduate and 140 hours for a Service Cord
Current Sophomores (Class of 2026) – Are required to complete 100 hours of service to graduate and 150 hours for a Service Cord
Current Freshman (Class of 2027) – Are required to complete 100 hours of service to graduate and 150 hours for a Service Cord

All new incoming 9th grade students will be required to complete 100 hours of service over four years and will be required to complete 150 or more hours to receive a Service Cord at graduation. The number of service hours will be prorated for transfer students into Alleman Catholic High School. These hours should be tied as closely as possible to the Corporal and the Spiritual Works of Mercy of the Church found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These hours must be approved through our electronic program and your supervisor must be requested to sign off that you have completed these hours. The hours will then be entered in by Alleman Staff and kept electronically.

Alleman Catholic High School exists as an apostolate of various Catholic parishes within the IL Quad City area. Our school wouldn't and couldn't exist without their financial support. Upon realizing this a natural question to ask is why do they support us? Why do they invest so much of their treasure into supporting Catholic secondary education in the IL Quad Cities?

The reason is that our parishes want each child to receive an education that has at its specific mission the integral formation of the human person.

Our Catholic parishes recognize that children and young people must be guaranteed the possibility of developing harmoniously their own physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual gifts, and they must also be helped to develop their sense of responsibility, learn the correct use of freedom, and participate actively in social life (cf. 795 of the Code of Canon Law).

One of the special characteristics of our school is therefore our religious instruction. Parents/Guardians, it our joy at AHS to be a school that can provide a complete education for your child. We take our responsibility given to us by the parishes seriously in assisting you in fulfilling your duty to educate your child. AHS is tremendously grateful for the gift of each child who is a part of our school. We have been entrusted with the greatest treasure of any family, but we do not take parents’ or guardians’ place. Parents/Guardians always remain the child’s primary educators. They remain their first Catholic school of which AHS is simply an extension. We nurture and build upon the solid foundation given to them by you!

“Love is the key to the mystery. Love by its very nature is not selfish, but generous. It seeks not its own, but the good of others. The measure of love is not the pleasure it gives 
- that is the way the world judges it - 
but the joy and peace it can purchase for others.”